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If you do not understand how wikiName and wikiNameDesktop are used, after reading this page you will not only understand but see the value of their flexibility if your wiki needs them. Here is some background information for clarity.

When you set up your wiki you were asked for name. Perhaps you had a great short name, AwesomQpedia, or perhaps to struggled and compromised, Awesome Quotes Wiki. Maybe you had to abbreviate or use an acronym so "The Most Awesome Quotes Wiki" became TMAQ Wiki. Whatever you decided it became your site name or better known as $wgSitename='TMAQ_Wiki'; in your LocalSettings.php php file. Usually, this also means your "Project:Namespace" also becomes TMAQ Wiki unless you have made changes to Manual:$wgMetaNamespace.

To see how set a Pivot feature, please see Pivot features for details.


Space is at a premium on mobile devices. The longer more complex something is the more space it takes up and the greater the chance it will overrun or break something. It might even look strange or just not fit right on a mobile screen. Use 'wikiName' to set it to something different on mobile screens. e.g. Your sitename is "Awesome Quotes Wiki" can become "Awesome Quotes" with 'wikiName' => 'Awesome Quotes'. Setting 'wikiName' does not change the $wgSitename it just changes the output to Pivot skin's title display on small screens.

You can add an image icon as to the top navigation bar on mobile too. Suppose you have a really great graphic or your graphic is your name. Set 'wikiName' to 'wikiName' => '' which tells the skin to output nothing. You will only show your graphic in the top navigation bar in mobile view.


If space is at a premium on mobile devices, the opposite is true on desktops and laptops. You have a vast amount of space to work with so the longer more complex something is usually isn't a worry. Actually, you can add more information for your users. Use 'wikiNameDesktop' to display different wiki name on medium and larger screens. e.g. Your sitename is "Awesome Quotes Wiki" can become "The Most Awesome Quotes Wiki" with 'wikiNameDesktop' => 'The Most Awesome Quotes Wiki' or 'wikiNameDesktop' => 'Welcome to the Most Awesome Quotes Wiki' ( if you want to go a bit crazy ). Setting 'wikiNameDesktop' does not change the $wgSitename it just changes the output to Pivot skin's title display on medium and large screens. If you are inclined, you can also blank the title using 'wikiNameDesktop' => ''.

Putting Them Together

Here is just one real world example of how to use them together. You decided to use an acronym as your sitename, TMAQ Wiki, and kept it as your project namespace. You want to display "Awesome Quotes" on mobile screens and "The Most Awesome Quotes Wiki" on desktops and laptops. Set the following two features:

'wikiName' => 'Awesome Quotes' 
'wikiNameDesktop' => 'The Most Awesome Quotes Wiki'
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